Woodcrafts Scout Interest Badge

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(Previously Woodcraftsman Scout Interest Badge)

Badge requirements

  1. Keep a woodcraft diary of two of the seasons - Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn - containing records with dates and places of observation of not fewer than 10 birds or mammals, 10 plants and 10 butterflies or moths. Give a short account of other animals which have been seen and illustrate the records with pencil sketches, carbon impressions or leaves of pressed specimens.
  2. Do one of the following alternatives (a, b or c):
    1. Make a collection of 25 different species on www.inaturalist.org of wild flowers, ferns and grasses, trees, shrubs and mushrooms, giving names, places and dates, soil and water conditions, size and other useful information; and recognise them as well as give a short description of 10 of the specimens.
    2. Make a collection of photographic or carbon impressions or sketches or plaster casts of leaves of 20 trees and 5 shrubs; giving the names of the trees and shrubs from which they came.
    3. Make 15 sketches from life, or photographs of birds or animals, and give a description of their habits.
  3. Demonstrate evidence of an intelligent interest in the whole field of nature and with particular regard to ONE of the following:
    1. Trees and shrubs
    2. Wildflowers
    3. Bird life
    4. Butterflies or moths and insects
    5. Wild animals
    6. Ferns or grasses
    7. Seashore or pond life
    8. Rocks and fossils
  4. Discuss with the examiner the sources of information (museums etc.) you may have used for the above.

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