Yanks and Rebels (Game)

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Game infobox
Outdoor Indoor
Day / Evening
Noisy & energetic
Duration: 10 - 20 min
Equipment: none needed

This is a game for two patrols

Define a playing area - typically about 10 m wide and 20 m long (although this could be inside a scout hall if the weather is bad).

  • each patrol lines up along their base line on the 10m edge of the play area.


Divide in 2 teams, one at each base line. One patrol are the YANKS and the other are the REBELS.

The game leader calls out instructions for the patrols.

For example:
  • "Yanks, 4 steps forward",
  • "Rebels, 5 steps forward",
  • "Yanks, 1 step back", ...

This moves the teams closer together and heightens the suspense.

Then at a point the scouter calls "Yanks, ATTACK!" or "Rebels, ATTACK!"

The attacking patrol needs to try catch as may of the opposing patrol as possible before they reach the safety of their base line. The caught scouts join the attacking patrol for the next round.