Adult Leader Investiture Ceremony

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This ceremony is similar to other investitures ceremonies.

After the Adult Leader has completed the Application for Adult Membership (AAM) form and the application has been accepted, the Adult member may now be invested and wear the uniform. A Group and an Adult member can choose to delay membership until after completing the Stage 1 IAL training, but that training is not a requirement for membership. Once an Adult has been accepted as a member, they should be invested as soon as possible.

This is a Group event under the leadership of the SGL. The preferred option is that the SGL encourages the Scouters - representing each Unit - to be present at the investiture of an Adult and that they participate in the ceremony. Youth members should also attend as observers. Especially those from the Unit of the member to be invested.

Where a Group consists of just a Pack or a Den, a Pack or Den style investiture (the flag is not used) in front of the Cubs or Meerkats would be appropriate. This could be done at the start of a regular meeting. All Adult Members always make the Scout Promise.


A flag is held by one of the Scouters.

  • The Group Flag (if there is one) or
  • For the investiture of a Troop Scouter (TS) or an Assitant Troop Scouter (ATS) - the Troop Flag,
  • For the investiture of a Rover Scouter (RS) or an Assistant Rover Scouter (ARS) - the Crew Flag
Scout Badge Chart 2019.png

The Scout Group Leader (SGL) will have the following

  • World Membership badge,
  • SCOUTS South Africa ribbon,
  • District and Regional badges
  • The Group Scarf
  • A woggle.


The Group is forms up in a horseshoe formation with the SGL standing in the gap facing the Group. One Scouter stands holding the Group Flag upright on the SGL’s left, one pace in front of them. The remainder of the leaders stand in a line behind the SGL.

  • The Recruit to be invested stands with the Scouters behind the SGL. The Group is "at ease".
  • The SGL briefly describes the significance of the occasion, then orders:
  • "GROUP (pause), GROUP ALERT."
  • "I call (name) forward to be invested as a Scouter in the ……. Group.”
  • The Recruit walks forward and stands two paces in front of the SGL. They stand at the “Alert”.
  • The SGL asks: “Recruit (their name), do you know what your Honour means?”
  • Recruit (prompted by the SGL if necessary) replies:"Yes, it means that I can be trusted to be truthful and honest."
  • SGL: "Do you know the Scout Law?"
  • Recruit: "Yes."
  • SGL: "Can I trust you on your Honour to do your best - to do your duty to God (pause), and your Country; To help other people at all times; To obey the Scout Law?"
  • Recruit: “Yes."
  • The Scouter steps forward and lowers the flag ( Group / Troop / Crew) Flag until its staff is horizontal between the SGL and the Recruit, taking care the flag does not touch the ground.
  • The SGL gives the following command to the Group:
  • All those present who have been invested as Scouts make the Scout Sign, Meerkats and Cubs Salute.
  • SGL to Recruit: "Grasp the Group Flag with your left hand" (The SGL and the Recruit do so). The SGL then says words to this effect:
"I am now going to ask you to make your Promise which will make you a Scout. The Group Flag represents the Honour of the Group. Many Recruits over the years, when they joined the Group, have promised on their Honour to do their best to live up to their Promise as good Scouts. Once you have made your Promise, you are no longer just a Recruit, you are a Scouter. I am holding the Group Flag with you, for we shall make the Promise together signifying that I, as your Scout Group Leader, will do my utmost to help you to keep this Promise.
Note: If the Adult member has been a Scout or Rover in the past they are asked to renew their Promise and not take their Promise for the first time.
  • The SGL then says: "Repeat after me: On my Honour I promise ...
(the Recruit repeats each phrase after the SGL)
… that I will do my best ...
… to do my duty to God (pause), and my Country ...
… to help other people at all times ...
… to obey the Scout Law."
  • As the Scouter raises the flag between them, and the Group resumes its position of "Alert" (i.e. no Scout Sign), the SGL shakes the Scouter’s left hand and says:
"(Name), I trust you, on your Honour, to keep this Promise, you are now a Scouter and a member of the World Wide brotherhood of Scouts. I congratulate you and warmly welcome you as a member of the Group, where I hope you will have fun, adventure and many happy years of Scouting."
  • The SGL then pins on the World Membership badge. The SGL or DC - if present - pins on their District and Regional emblems - if any – and explains the meaning of each badge.
  • The SGL then shakes hands with the left hand and welcomes the new Scouter to the Group.
  • The SGL then orders:
  • "SCOUTER, ABOUT TURN!" (They about turn and face the Group.)
  • "SCOUTER, SALUTE THE GROUP!" (The Scouter does so.)
  • "GROUP (pause), GROUP SALUTE!" (The Group does so.)
  • The new Scouter returns to the ranks of the existing Scouters and the ceremony is then complete. The Group can then be dismissed by the SGL.
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