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The Scout Group Leader or SGL is the adult leader responsible for the leadership of the Scout Group and group support committee. It is synonymous with "Group Scouter" or "GS".

Purpose of the Scout Group Leader

To lead, manage and coordinate the effective implementation of the Principles of SCOUTS South Africa (SSA) in the Group, in accordance with SSA Constitution, Organisational Rules and Policies.

Functions of the Scout Group Leader

The following functions of the Scout Group Leader were outlined in the SCOUTS South Africa job description of the role:

  1. Manage and represent the Group:
    1. Take overall responsibility for the Scout Group adhering to all provisions in the Constitution, Organisational Rules and Policies.
    2. Represent or delegate a representative for the Group at the Tri-annual Partners Meeting.
    3. Chair a monthly meeting of the Group Committee, and ensure that a uniformed representative of each unit in the Group attends.
    4. Ensure that the Group holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM), and operates according to SSA Financial and Fundraising Policies.
    5. Ensure that the Group Records are properly maintained and kept up-to-date.
    6. Ensure the Group complies with the requirements as agreed in the Social Partnership Agreement (SPA) signed by the Group.
    7. Manage adherence and compliance to the Policies of SSA, and implement the disciplinary process.
  2. Support and enable the activities in the Group:
    1. Liaise with the District Commissioner (DC) on a regular basis through the medium of regular District Team Meetings.
    2. Working with Groups in distress to assist their recovery and development.
    3. Facilitate communication between all members of the Group.
  3. Encouraging the growth of Scouting in the District:
    1. Guide Scouters in the Group in their various functions and responsibilities (whilst delegating the fullest amount of responsibility in the actual management of the Pack, Troop or Crew to the Scouters), and undertake frequent visits to Pack, Troop and Crew Activities or Meetings.
    2. Participate in the Going-up-Ceremony of every Cub and Meerkat, as well as the investiture of every Meerkat, Cub, Scout and Rover.
    3. Actively support Den, Pack, Troop, Crew, District, Regional and National events and projects.
    4. Assist with the identification and recruitment of Badge Examiners for Cub, Scout and Rover Badges and Awards.
    5. Nominate Group Members for Awards.
  4. Recruitment, Mentoring and Training:
    1. Ensure members in the Group complete the training required, appropriate to the positions they hold, and to encourage completion of the Wood Badge and continuous personal development.
    2. Seek and obtain adequate adult assistance in the ratio of one adult to six (6) Cubs and twelve (12) Scouts.
    3. Interview prospective adults, and submit applications to the DC.
    4. Ensure a suitable mentor is appointed per Scouter in the Group.
    5. Conduct annual Personal Development Reviews (PDRs) with all Scouters within the Group.
    6. Ensuring Members details are registered on the Membership database
    7. Ensuring Group Members are linked to the relevant mailing lists or relevant communication means.
  5. Whatever else the DC might reasonably require of the Scout Group Leader (SGL) in the best interests of SSA.
  6. Undergo an annual PDR with the DC.