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Badge requirements

Air Spotter
Air Spotter
  1. Have passed the Aviation Skills Scoutcraft Badge, and be prepared to demonstrate any of those requirements. OR Complete all the requirements for the Aviation Skills Scoutcraft Badge.
  2. Sketch the national markings of 10 Air Forces of the world, at least 3 of these should be African Air Forces.
  3. Be able to name at least 10 international airlines that operate into South Africa and identify their country of origin, at least 3 of these should be African airlines.
  4. Be able to name the registration prefixes for eight countries in Sub Sahara Africa as well as eight other countries, e.g. ZS=South Africa, V5=Namibia, 3D=Swaziland, G=United Kingdom.
  5. Log on at least five different occasions a total of 30 or more aircraft that you have observed (they need not all be different types) recording their type, registration number and date where observed.

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