Brynbach tower

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Brynbach Tower 2.gif

You will notice that the Brynbach Tower is based on sound pioneering principles, with triangles everywhere to ensure rigidity. The figure of eight lashing should be applied two thirds of the way from the butt to give a reasonable spread at the feet of the tower and maintain a low centre of gravity. The levelness of the tower can be corrected by heeling the buts into the ground or the tower will become unstable.


Quantity Resource
3 5m Poles
3 4m Poles
3 3m Poles
6 2m Staves
3 10m Rope
12 6m Ropes
12 4m Ropes
1 Rope ladder
1 Table top


Completed Brynbach tower
  1. Lash the 3 x 5m poles together, using a figure of eight lashing approximately two-thirds of the way up from the butts.
  2. Stand the tripod up then lash 3 x 4m poles between them, using square lashings, approx. 0.5m up from the butts.
  3. Lay the structure back on its side supported at the figure of eight by a pair of shear legs. (Diagram A)
  4. The 3 x 3m poles are used as the platform supports and are held in place with square lashings. These should be approx. 0.7m below the top of the main poles. (Diagram B)
  5. 3 x 2m staves are used as hand rail support and are lashed to the end of a platform support and the corresponding main spar. (Diagram C)
  6. The last 3 x 2m staves are then used as the handrail and lashed between the handrail supports. (Diagram D)
  7. The tabletop is used as the platform (alternatively use a few 1.2m staves).
  8. The 3 x 10m ropes are attached to the structure just above the platform to act as guys.
  9. Construct the rope ladder (using Marlinspike hitches) and attach it to a platform support pole.
  10. Stand the tower up. As the structure is quite heavy, the best way to raise it is using a tripod and pulley.
  11. Peg out the guys, drive in more pegs near the feet of the tower and lash them securely.