Clove hitch

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The clove hitch is the most common way to attach a rope to a pole at the start and end of a lashing. It is easy to tie and untie, and can be tied in a number of ways. Take care not to use it when a rolling hitch would serve better.


  • This knot is useful where the length of the running end needs to be adjustable, as feeding in rope from either direction loosens the knot. With certain types of cord, the clove hitch can slip when loaded.
  • With smaller diameter cords, after being heavily weighted it may become difficult to untie.
  • It is unreliable when used on a square or rectangular post, rather than round.
  • The clove hitch is also commonly used in pioneering to start and finish a lashing such as the traditional square lashing, tripod lashing, round lashing and shear lashing.