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The Community Bar is the third stage of the Rover Advancement Programme that an invested Rover will work on.

Having mastered the skills of preparing oneself, and practised those skills, in providing service to Self and the Movement, now is the opportunity to render demonstrable service to one's community. This service should be useful and preferably visible to the general public. Of the three areas of service, (Personal, Movement and Community), this is the area where the least effort is currently made by Crews.


  1. Attend at least four meetings of local community associations or the like (e.g. community policing forums, community residents' association, etc). From these meetings identify issues that are affecting your community. With the approval of the RS or Crew Council, research at least three of these issues, including causes, effects and possible solutions, and present your findings to your Crew. These issues could include but are not limited to water, electricity, sewage, waste, parks and recreation, transport, health, housing, security, local economic development and roads.
  2. From the above, lead a discussion group with your Crew on the three chosen issues affecting your community. This discussion must include a balanced presentation of arguments from all angles. From this discussion, identify and agree on a Crew project to address one of the three issues – agree on the scope and nature of the project, as well as the goals to be achieved by the project.
  3. Co-ordinate and lead the Crew project agreed upon in Part 2. This project must benefit the community with an external beneficiary as the primary focus, but may include a Scouting beneficiary. This project must have the approval of the RS or Crew Council. During the execution of the Crew project, discussions may be held with the Crew, if needed, to monitor the progress of the project and modify the goals and/or scope if necessary. After completion of the project, have a discussion with the Crew to ascertain if the agreed upon goals have been achieved, and if not, what further action is required.
  4. Make contact with another Rover from a different Region or Country. Discuss social issues that are affecting you both. Present your findings to the Crew.
  5. Achieve one of the following Rover Awards: Public Health, Community Service, Emergency Service, Civics or Project. If the Project Award is chosen, it must have a community focus and be a different project to the one undertaken for the other requirements of the Community Bar.