Cub Break

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Cub break or Dismiss is how we formally end the cub meeting and on formal parades.

This follows the closing Grand Howl, the flag break and the closing prayer.

  • The Pack is still in a circle.
  • Optional: Akela may call "'GOOD HUNTING PACK" and the Pack replies “GOOD HUNTING AKELA”.

The Dismissal

Akela calls

  • "Pack” (warning to attract attention) and then gives the order "Pack Alert!" - Cubs stand smartly at alert.
  • "Pack (pause), Pack Dismiss!" - All Cubs turn to the right, Salute, pause and break away outwards.
  • Akela and the other Pack Scouters return the Salute standing at the "Alert” until the Pack has broken away,
    • then on the instruction of Akela they turn to the right and fall out.