Cub Geocaching Badge

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Badge requirements

Geocaching Cub Interest Badge
Geocaching Cub Interest Badge
  1. Explain what the following terms mean:
    • GPS
    • Geocache
    • Waypoints
  2. Describe what a GPS is and demonstrate a basic understanding of how it works.
  3. Describe what types of items are not appropriate in a Geocache.
  4. Describe what to do with the contents of a Geocache when you find one (log book/trading).
  5. Describe what to do with a Travel Bug or Geocoin (Trackables).
  6. List at least five items from the Geocaching Etiquette.
  7. Explain what the basic Geocaching safety tips are.
  8. Find three traditional and one Multi Geocaches. Record their GC number and their co-ordinates and provide photographic proof of your finds.
  9. Create a Geocache (not necessarily one that will be placed out).

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