Cub Hiking Badge

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Badge requirements

Hiking Cub Interest Badge
Hiking Cub Interest Badge

(You must have passed your 10th birthday before you start this badge)

  1. Know the equipment needed for a day hike. Discuss the choice of clothing, food/water and first aid kit.
  2. Explain to the examiner what is meant by:
    • Hiking at the slowest person's pace
    • Being hike fit
    • Being aware of surroundings
    And demonstrate how these are applied on a hike.
  3. Explain the importance of the buddy system and safety when on a hike and the importance of taking care of your feet.
  4. With other Cubs and a competent adult, hike a distance of at least 8km over country tracks or across country. This must be split over two or more hikes.

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