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When you join the Cub Pack, you must first complete all the requirements for the Cub Membership badge. Then you can be invested, which means you can wear the Cub uniform and scarf and the special badge which Cubs, Scouts and leaders all over the world wear on their left pocket.

1. The Cub Law

Know and practise the Cub Law.

2. The Cub Promise

Know and practise the Cub Promise.

3. The Cub Motto

Know the Cub Motto.

4. The Left Handshake

Demonstrate the left handshake and know when it is used.

5. The Salute

Demonstrate the Cub Salute and know when it is used.

6. The Grand Howl


Do the Grand Howl and know when it is used.

7. How did Cubbing start?

Have heard the story of Lord Baden-Powell and how Cubbing started.

8. Mowgli's Brothers

Know the story of Mowgli's Brothers.

Once you have completed all of these, you are ready for a special ceremony where you will be invested as a Cub and become a member of the world-wide Scout movement by making your Cub Promise in front of Akela and the Pack. See Investing a Cub.