Cub Outdoorsman Badge

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Badge requirements

Outdoorsman Cub Interest Badge
Outdoorsman Cub Interest Badge

(You must have passed your 10th birthday before you start this badge)

Do any FIVE of the following:

  1. Make your own shelter outdoors using a ground sheet, tarpaulin, plastic, etc. and sleep in it for at least one night, away from home.
  2. Know the parts of a hand axe and the safety rules for using and handling a hand axe.
    • Demonstrate to a Scouter how to use a hand axe.
  3. Know the fire safety rules and the dangers of building fires outdoors.
    • Demonstrate the collection of fuel for your fire.
    • Correctly lay and light the fire.
  4. Cook a simple two course meal over the fire using handmade utensils.
  5. Demonstrate how to collect water with either a trap, condensation or still.
  6. Demonstrate how to find your way using two methods other than a compass.
  7. Describe to the examiner the preparations required for a one day hike, e.g. arranging transport, cost, adequate and suitable clothing, footwear, food, first aid kit, etc.
  8. With your Pack, plan and participate in an outdoor evening activity which includes a campfire.

(Note: A letter from your parent or another responsible adult is necessary for No. 1)


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