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Flag down follows the closing Grand Howl .
Preparation - before the Grand Howl the halyard should be nearly all unwound from the cleat, ready for the lowering.

Flag Down

Akela calls:

  • "Pack Alert!" - all cubs stand smartly at alert with chin-up, heels together and hands at their sides.
  • "Duty Six" - the Duty sixer or other appointed Cub marches smartly to the flagpole; halts one pace from it; unwinds the remaining halyard from the cleat; and lowers the flag.
    • Once the flag is lowered, the Cub makes two turns of the halyard around the cleat and tucks the flag between the flagpole and halyard.
    • The flag is NOT removed from the halyard, this is done after the ceremony.
    • The Duty Sixer (or other Cub) takes one step back, does an about-turn, and marches back to their place. The Pack remains at the “Alert”

Akela calls: "Stand at Ease" - cubs stand at ease with their hands behind their backs.


  • The flag must not be allowed to touch the ground.
  • There is NO Salute by the Duty Sixer, the Pack Scouters or the Pack when the flag is lowered.
  • The flag is removed from the halyard by the duty six once the parade has been dismissed.


After the flag is taken down,

  • There may be some pack announcements,
  • There is a closing prayer,
  • The pack is dismissed and the event is over.