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The Discoverer Hike is a day hike / expedition of at least 10 km, and will be one of the first tasks you will do in your Scout advancement that requires proper planning and leadership. Before you embark on this challenge, it is suggested that you read the Hiking Guidelines, and chat to your Patrol Leader and Troop Scouter to make sure you are clear on the planning expectations.


As part of your preparation for this expedition you must have achieved the First Aid Scoutcraft badge.

  1. Plan and run a day expedition of at least 10km for your Patrol which fulfils at least one of the following criteria:
    • Use a recognised hiking trail;
    • Hike to another Scout hall;
    • Hike to an unusual or interesting locality.
    • Hike a planned route on a dam or waterway.
  2. THEN write at least a five page log (that includes a strip map of a certain section of the hike) and submit it to your Scouter for approval.

Things to include in a Discoverer hike plan

This is a rough guideline showing the minimum level of planning required. Be sure to chat to your Troop Scouter about these guidelines.

  1. Cover page with your name, Troop name, start and end points of hike, and dates.
  2. A description of your route in words. An expected timeline and distance between major milestones will be useful.
  3. A map of your route, with the route clearly marked. Show the emergency exit paths.
  4. Weather forecast (within 5 days of the hike).
  5. List of Scouts who will be attending, their ages and their hiking ability.
  6. Personal kit list.
  7. Emergency kit contents.
  8. Emergency numbers (confirm they are saved on a cellphone that will be with you).

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