Donkey in the well

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This yarn can be done as an activity with cubs. Assign roles to some of the cubs and they can act out the story as Akela of Baloo tells the story

Donkey in the well

One day a donkey fell down an old well.

The farmer heard the donkey braying in the well - but couldn't figure out how to get the animal out of the deep well.

Then he thought to himself " the well is dry ... and the donkey is old and probably injured.... What I will do is .. ask some friends to help me fill in the well ... we will bury the old donkey at the same time!

So his friends came along and started shovelling soil into the well.

When the first few clods of soil started to fall down the well the donkey realised what they were doing. At first he was very upset!!!

Then he had a plan! Every time a heap of sand came down the well and fell on his back - he shook it off and stepped on it.

Eventually as the well was nearly full, the farmer was surprised to see the old donkey hop out of the well.


Can you stop yourself getting upset and make the best of a bad situation?

If you can just take a deep breath before you respond - your response is more sensible.