Drone Pilot Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements

Drone Pilot
Drone Pilot
  1. Have passed the Drone Operator Scoutcraft Badge and be prepared to demonstrate any of those requirements. OR Complete all the requirements for the Drone Operator Scoutcraft Badge.
  2. Ensure all required checklists are on site.
  3. Conduct a safety briefing with the people around you to ensure they understand the protocol should there be an incident with the Remotely Piloted Aircraft.
  4. Prepare a suitable landing and take-off zone ensuring the following:
    1. The gradient of the terrain is one that allows the safe landing of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft
    2. You have demarcated the landing and take-off zone to ensure there are no potential trespassers
    3. You have cleared the landing zone of any loose debris
    4. If you are using a landing mat, it is secured to the ground
    5. A first aid kit and valid fire extinguisher are on site
  5. Demonstrate your ability to fly the following in attitude mode and without using any pre-programmed features:
    1. Fly a horizontal box without changing the orientation of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft
    2. Fly a horizontal box nose in direction of flight
    3. Fly a vertical box without changing the orientation of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft
    4. Fly a point of interest flight
    5. Fly a racecourse flight
    6. Fly a tear drop
  6. Demonstrate the correct procedure should you have an aircraft inbound at the same altitude as yourself.
  7. Once landed, discuss with your examiner why as a hobby Remotely Piloted Aircraft pilot, it is crucial to follow the laws.

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