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This is an annual event for Cubs from all over the Western Cape. There are many different activities, such as crafts, games, Cub skills, songs, etc.

The history of the Edward Shield

The concept of the Edward Shield competition was introduced in 1918 when the Cub branch was about 18 months old, following the model of the Gordon Shield for the Scout branch.

The Shield was purchased out of the balance of the funds collected to present a gift to Major Edwards on his retirement as Provincial Commissioner, and named in his honour - the Edwards Shield - as the Cape Peninsula's efficiency shield for Wolf Cubs.

The first annual Edward Shield competition took place in 1919 when it was won by 7th Cape Town Pack.

See this report of the Edward Shield in 1932.

Edward Shield Winners

Year Winners Photo
2023 9th/16th Cape Town
2022 1st Bergvliet
2021 (Not held)
2020 (Not held)
2019 1st Durbanville
2018 1st Durbanville
2017 1st Strand
2016 1st Durbanville
2015 2nd Kenridge Air Pack
2014 1st Camps Bay
2013 2nd Somerset West Pack
2012 2nd Somerset West Pack
2011 2nd Somerset West Pack
2010 2nd Plumstead
2009 2nd Somerset West Pack
2008 2nd Somerset West Pack
2007 1st Durbanville Pack
2006 2nd Somerset West Pack
2005 2nd Plumstead Pack
2004 2nd Somerset West Pack
2003 2nd Somerset West Pack
2002 2nd Somerset West Pack
2001 2nd Somerset West Pack
2000 1st Durbanville Pack
1999 1st Wetton Pack
1998 2nd Hout Bay Pack
1997 1st Durbanville Pack
1996 2nd Hout Bay Pack
1995 2nd Hout Bay Pack
1994 1st Chantecler & 2nd Bergvliet (Toomai) Pack
1993 2nd Bergvliet (Toomai) Pack
1991 1st Strand Pack
1990 1st Durbanville Pack
1989 1st Durbanville Pack
1988 1st Durbanville Pack
1987 1st Camps Bay Pack
1986 2nd Bergvliet (Toomai) Pack
1984 1st Camps Bay Pack
1983 2nd Parow Pack
1982 2nd Plumstead Pack
1981 2nd Parow Pack
1980 1st Durbanville Pack
1979 2nd Plumstead Pack
1978 2nd Parow Pack
1977 3rd Claremont S.A.C.S. DawnHunters Pack
1976 2nd Rondebosch Pack
1975 2nd Pinelands Pack
1974 3rd Claremont DawnHunters Pack
1973 1st Bergvliet Seeonee Pack
1972 3rd Claremont DawnHunters Pack
1971 2nd Plumstead Pack
1970 2nd Green & Sea Point Pack
1969 3rd Claremont S.A.C.S. DawnHunters Pack
1968 1st Pinelands Pack
1967 3rd Claremont DawnHunters & 10th GASP
1966 3rd Claremont DawnHunters Pack
1965 3rd Claremont DawnHunters Pack
1964 3rd Claremont DawnHunters & 7th GASP Pack
1963 3rd Claremont GlenHunters Pack
1962 6th Rondebosch Pack
1961 1st Meadowridge Pack
1960 5th Green & Sea Point Pack
1959 4th Rondebosch Pack
1958 1st Bergvliet Seeonee Pack
1957 10th Green & Sea Point Pack
1956 1st Clifton Pack
1955 1st Clifton Pack
1954 7th Green & Sea Point Pack
1953 7th Cape Town Pack Gardens
1951 2nd Rondebosch Pack
1950 3rd Maitland Pack
1949 7th Green & Sea Point Pack
1948 9th Cape Town Pack
1947 9th Cape Town Congregational Pack
1946 7th Green & Sea Point Pack
1945 7th Green & Sea Point Pack
1944 9th Cape Town Pack
1943 9th Cape Town (Congr) & 5th GASP Packs
1941 2nd Green & Sea Point Pack
1940 9th Cape Town Congregational Pack
1939 9th Cape Town Pack
1938 2nd & 5th Green & Sea Point Packs
1937 2nd Rondebosch Pack
1936 1st Claremont Pack & 1st Muizenberg Packs
1935 2nd GASP & 4th Rondebosch Packs
1934 6th Green & Sea Point Pack
1932-33 1st Clifton Pack
1931 1st Claremont Pack
1928-30 1st Cape Town Pack St Michael's
1927 11th Cape Town Pack
1919-26 7th Cape Town Pack Gardens