Fisherman's surgeon knot

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Surgeon's knot (tying).jpg
Surgeon's knot (tying)

The Fisherman's Surgeon Knot (also known as the Surgeon's Knot, Double Surgeon's Knot, Surgeon's Join) is one of the best and easiest knots to tie for joining lines of equal or unequal diameters. It is simply two overhand knots with the entire leader pulled through the knot each time.

A surgeon's knot tied in nylon rope and tightened


  1. Lay the line and leader on top of one another overlapping each other.
  2. Form a simple loop.
  3. Pass both the tag end and the entire leader through the loop twice (two overhand knots).
  4. (Optional) Pass both tag end and leader through the loop an additional time to tie the 'Triple Surgeon's Knot'.
  5. Moisten knot and pull all 4 ends tight.

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