Food for Life - Gold Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements

Food for Life - Gold
Food for Life - Gold
  1. Completion of the Food for Life – Silver Scoutcraft Badge is a prerequisite for this badge.
  2. Draw up a basic business plan, which you are to implement, which includes:
    1. Name of the business;
    2. Market place – Where you will sell your produce and who will your customers be;
    3. Product – What you will be selling;
    4. Budget – How you will keep accurate record of income and expenditure and how much you will charge for your products;
    5. Staffing – Who will be responsible for each job; and
    6. Marketing – How will you market your product – including a poster or banner that you will use.
  3. Do ONE of the following:
    1. Pickle a vegetable
    2. Make jam
    3. Dry a vegetable or fruit
  4. Grow two types of these vegetables and donate them to a worthy cause or help an orphanage, old age home, church, etc. to start a garden.
  5. Explain how you will test the type of soil that you have.
  6. Explain two types of irrigation that you can use for your vegetable garden.

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