Food for Life - Silver Badge

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Badge requirements

Food for Life - Silver
Food for Life - Silver
  1. Completion of the Food for Life - Starter Scoutcraft Badge is a prerequisite for this badge.
  2. Explain how crop rotation can ensure proper plant nourishment, minimise certain insect damage and provide sufficient vegetable all year round. Put crop rotation into practice by planting two different vegetables for two different seasons (these vegetables should be different from Food for Life - Starter or number 1 above).
  3. Make and maintain a compost heap and use it for your second crop.
  4. Explain how to care for your crops.
  5. Name three insects or diseases that may attack your vegetables and explain how to get rid of them by using homemade/natural remedies.
  6. Explain a method of collecting rainwater.
  7. Explain permaculture.
  8. Explain a balanced diet.
  9. Demonstrate the correct methods of cleaning and cooking vegetables.

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