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Badge requirements

  1. Know the safety rules relating to the hobby (if applicable) and present the rules to your Scouter.
  2. Show a continuing interest in your chosen hobby, interest, or activity for four months and present evidence of your involvement in your hobby to your Scouter.
  3. Show your Scouter or your Patrol, how you pursue your hobby, interest, or activity. Show what equipment, materials, and background information you have used
    If your hobby includes collecting or items:
    1. Make a collection or study of objects for at least four months. You could collect books or magazines, cards, coins, figurines, films, key rings, paper money, postcards, stamps or similar.
    2. Show how you have chosen to display and store your collection and explain to your Scouter the reasons for doing this.
    3. Talk to your Patrol Leader or your Troop about the collection or study you chose. Explain why you chose your objects and what you like about them.
  4. Discuss with your examiner how you plan to develop their hobby, interest, or skill in the future.

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