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Gold Wolf - Home Safety: Tell others about home safety by making up an activity or game.

Safety first means being careful in order to prevent accidents. Train the Cubs to understand that the safety of their home and Pack meeting place depends on how careful they are. Accidents do not just happen; people make them happen.Every day people are rushed off to hospital because of negligence.

Some important things to remember in order to avoid accidents happening:

  • Pack all tools and toys away in their proper places, so that nobody can slip or trip over them.
  • Keep all poisonous substances and materials stored out of reach of small children (cleaning materials, paraffin, etc.). Check that each bottle is clearly labelled POISON and says what is contains.
  • Keep storage areas clean of waste.
  • Keep knives and other sharp tools packed away out of reach of children.
  • Keep medicines safely locked away.
  • Keep electric cords and plugs in good order.
  • Store all plastic bags out of reach of small children.
  • Use a ladder to reach high places.
  • Keep aerosol cans away from heat or fire.
  • Do not make a coal fire in a room with windows and doors closed. Do not block ventilators. Do not go to sleep while a fire is burning.
  • Keep matches out of reach of children.