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Once you have your Silver Wolf, you will work towards your Gold Wolf badge. Along the way to the Gold Wolf you will earn four badges: the Awareness Challenge (Caracal), Community Challenge (Cheetah), Outdoor Challenge (Leopard), and Aptitude Challenge (Lion), plus the Promise and Law Challenge. Completing the Gold Wolf should take about 1½ to 2 years.

Awareness Challenge

Caracal - Awareness Challenge.png

(Body & Mind/Living with Nature)


  • To encourage the Cubs to lead healthy and active lives.
  • To create an awareness of the impact humans have on the environment.

Healthy Body

  1. Show a sportsmanlike attitude in all Pack games and activities and know why this is important.
  2. Explain the dangers of sunburn and heat exhaustion and how to prevent them.
  3. Do four of the following:
    • Be able to hop around a figure of eight, each loop with a diameter of about 4 metres, changing feet at the start of the second loop.
    • Climb a rope to a height of three metres.
    • Do TWO of the following: headstand, handstand, cartwheel, star jumps, leap-frog over a Cub your own size.
    • Run Scout's pace over a 1 km course in eight minutes.
    • Swim 25 metres and then tread water for 60 seconds if in fresh water or 120 seconds if in sea water.

Resources: Healthy Body

Healthy Living

  1. Understand the importance of always drinking clean drinking water. Demonstrate how to make water safe for drinking, if no clean water is available.
  2. Find out about two infectious diseases and discuss how to prevent them from spreading with your Pack Scouter/Pack.
  3. Understand what effect smoking, alcohol and drug abuse may have on your body.

Resources: Healthy Living

Healthy Mind

  1. Learn to play a board game.
  2. Play sense training games using all five senses and achieve a 70% score.
  3. Write and decipher a complex code.

Resources: Healthy Mind

Living with Nature

  1. Build a simple bird-feeder and observe the birds that visit it for at least two weeks OR hold the Birds badge.
    Describe the uses of trees. Take care of a tree for one month.
  2. Find about two endangered species in South Africa and tell the Pack about them.

Resources: Living with Nature

Growing Things

  1. Make and use compost from unwanted vegetation.
  2. Make or lay out a vegetable bed or herb garden OR prepare a seed bed/container and plant flower seeds.

Resources: Growing Things


  1. Identify everyday activities in your home which waste or consume energy.
  2. Heat water using solar energy OR use solar energy to cook something.

Resources: Conservation

Our Precious Planet

  1. Make your own diorama to show different types of habitats or environments, e.g. forests, grasslands, deserts or oceans.
  2. Acid rain is a worldwide problem affecting our planet. Find out about acid rain and demonstrate how it affects our planet.
  3. Find out how plants help fight air pollution and run an experiment to show this.

Resources: Our Precious Planet

Community Challenge

Cheetah - Community Challenge.png



  • To create a positive feeling of family and community responsibility.


  1. Do simple repairs at home or at your Pack meeting place OR hold the Repairs badge.
  2. Take care of a new Cub on their first activity.
  3. Make a gift and donate it to a worthy cause.
  4. Find out about an organisation that helps those in need in your community and do something to support it.
  5. Pick a new task to help out with at home/pack meeting place/school every month for three months.

Resources: Service


  1. Lead a campfire song with others at a campfire.
  2. Make and play a simple musical instrument.
  3. Write a song or poem and sing it or read it to the Pack.

Resources: Entertaining


Do two out of three.

  1. Take part in a Group, District or Regional activity.
  2. Make contact with Cubs from another Region or Country.
  3. List different cultural groups, other than your own, living in your community. Choose one and share something interesting about your chosen culture with your Six/Pack.

Resources: Communication

Outdoor Challenge

Leopard - Outdoor Challenge.png



  • To develop confidence and self-reliance by developing skills in the outdoors.


  1. Learn about fire and gas/paraffin safety and the correct way to light a fire in the open bush.
  2. Explain what to do in the case of a fire emergency.
  3. Lay and light a fire outdoors.
  4. Use a conservation stove and cook a simple meal for yourself.

Resources: Campcraft


  1. Camp out for two nights with Cubs either under canvas or permanent accommodation (does not have to be two nights in a row).
  2. Help pitch a tent and know how to take care of it OR build a simple shelter.
  3. Spend at least one night in the tent/shelter you have helped pitch or build.

Resources: Camping


  1. Explain what to do if you get lost in the veld.
  2. Discuss the natural dangers you may find in the veld.
  3. Demonstrate three ways of making distress signals.
  4. Go on a day hike with your Pack and know what to wear and take with you.

Resources: Hiking

Compass and Mapping

  1. Show how to use and care for a compass.
  2. Use a compass and one other method to find North in an outdoor environment.
  3. Using a compass follow a compass trail of six to ten moves.
  4. Show how to use a street map.
  5. On a street map explain and recognise six to ten map symbols.

Resources: Compass and Mapping


  1. Lay a woodcraft trail where 20 signs are used for others to follow.

Resources: Trails


  1. Make and use the following knots:
  2. Know how to hank a long rope.
  3. Help another Cub with a knot they may have difficulty with.

Resources: Knotting

Flags and Country

  1. Know the parts of the flag.
  2. Prepare, hoist, break and lower the flag correctly.
  3. Using a sheet bend join the flag to the halyard.

Resources: Flags and Country

Jungle Book

  1. Make a jungle character mask and use it in a jungle play/dance.

Resources: The Jungle Book

Aptitude Challenge

Lion - Aptitude Challenge.png

(Life Skills)


  • To develop confidence in general life skills.

Water Safety

  1. Tell others about water safety by making up an activity or game.
  2. Show you can use at least one rescue method to help someone who has fallen into water.

Resources: Water Safety

Home Safety

  1. Tell others about home safety by making up an activity or game.
  2. Make a home fire safety plan for your family.
  3. Find out how to treat the effect of poisons that can be found at home.

Resources: Home Safety

Road Safety

  1. Identify at least ten traffic signs correctly.
  2. Demonstrate safety on the road as a cyclist OR safety as a passenger in a vehicle.

Resources: Road Safety

Personal Safety

  1. Know and understand the following terms:
    • Cyberbullying
    • Surfing the net
    • Identity theft
    • Social network
  2. Discuss the importance of never giving out personal information to someone you have never met.
  3. Discuss the implications of posting/texting negative content.

Resources: Personal Safety

First Aid

  1. Know how to behave in an emergency situation.
  2. Know and explain how to activate the Emergency Medical Services in your neighbourhood.
  3. Show how to treat burns, scalds, insect bites and stings and how to remove a splinter.
  4. Show how to stop bleeding by using direct pressure.

Resources: First Aid


  1. Know how the 24 hour clock works. Using this system, give correctly the times of the main events of your day OR show an adult that you know what time to carry out important actions during the day.

Resources: Time

Promise and Law Challenge



  • To reinforce their commitment to help others and to do their best at all times.


  1. Help organise and take part in a Cub's Own Service OR say a prayer of your own.

Promise & Law

  1. Show that you are keeping your Promise & Law and setting a good example to younger Cubs in the Pack.

Resources: Promise and Law

Interest Badges

Earn at least one interest badge per challenge - four interest badges in total.

(Any four interest badges may be earned)

Requirements for the interest badges can be found under Cub Interest Badges.