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Kon-Tiki is a competition where Scout Troops build a raft from drums, rope and poles using pioneering. In the Western Cape and Gauteng Kon-Tiki events, a patrol or team stays on the raft for 24 hours and completes various challenges while other Scouts who assisted in raft construction take part in "fringe" events on shore while the raft is afloat. Cub and Meerkat activities also take place as part of the overall Kon-Tiki event.

The Kon-Tiki competition is named after Thor Heyerdahl's 1947 expedition from Peru to the Tuamotu Islands.

The first Kon-Tiki Scout competition took place in Cape Town in 1978 where is has become an annual event for the Western Cape. Gauteng (Transvaal) adopted its own Kon-Tiki competition in 1985. More recently, other Kon-Tiki competitions have taken place around the country including Eastern Cape South, and even in Australia (based on the South African competition).


The first Kon-Tiki in Gauteng was held at Donaldson Dam and was then held at Murray Park from 1985 to 2011. It is now held at Arrowe Park, Benoni. More details and registration on-line

Date Venue Theme Badge
17-19 May 2024 Arrowe Park Ship Wrecked
19-21 May 2023 Arrowe Park Hawaii
20-22 May 2022 Arrowe Park Back to the past
May 2021 (not held) Wait for It !!!
May 2020 (not held) Recalling the Past
17 - 19 May 2019 Arrowe Park The Minions are Coming
May 2018 Arrowe Park Kon Tiki visits Middle Earth
May 2017 Arrowe Park Kon Tiki Let’s Build (Lego)
13-16 May 2016 Arrowe Park The Jedi Knights Kon Tiki Welcomes
May 2015 Arrowe Park Here be Dragons
May 2014 Arrowe Park Kon Tiki Goes Green
May 2013 Arrowe Park Kon Tiki visits the Wild West
May 2012 Arrowe Park The Vikings Visit Kon Tiki
May 2011 Murray Park The Roman Empire
5-7 March 2010 Murray Park Kon Tiki Visits The Incas
6-8 March 2009 Murray Park Pirates of the Caribbean
7-9 March 2008 Murray Park Kon Tiki visits Brownsea Island
2-4 March 2007 Murray Park James Bond visits Kon Tiki 2007
May 2006 Murray Park Kon Tiki Goes on an Enchanted Journey
May 2005 Murray Park Kon Tiki Visits Russia
May 2004 Murray Park Land of the Rising Sun
May 2003 Murray Park Kon Tiki visits the South Pole
May 2002 Murray Park The Highlands of Scotland
May 2001 Murray Park Kon Tiki Visits Venice
May 2000 Murray Park 2000 Leagues Under the Sea
May 1999 Murray Park Knights of the Round Table
May 1998 Murray Park Kon Tiki Joins the Circus
May 1997 Murray Park Voyages of Vasco Da Gama
May 1996 Murray Park Kon Tiki Goes Star Trekking
May 1995 Murray Park Kon Tiki goes Down Under
May 1994 Murray Park Battle of Trafalgar
May 1993 Murray Park Out of Africa
May 1992 Murray Park In the Grecian Groove
May 1991 Murray Park Asterix Visits Kon Tiki
May 1990 Murray Park Slow Boat to China
May 1989 Murray Park Walk Like an Egyptian
May 1988 Murray Park Mighty Waterways of the Mississippi
May 1987 Murray Park Kon Tiki Celebrates World Jamboree Australia
May 1986 Murray Park Navies of the World
May 1985 Murray Park In Footsteps of Thor Heyerdahl
May 1984 Donaldson Dam No Theme

Western Cape

Kon-tiki Western Cape started in 1978. The competition is an annual event and is split into a Raft Competition, a Fringe Competition (land sports) and a Cub Competition. It is held at the Sea Scout Base, Sandvlei.

Year Chairman Chief Judge Theme Theme Badge Winners - Fringe Winners - Raft
2024 Folklore 2nd Bergvliet
2023 Comics 1st Muizenberg 1st Bergvliet
2022 Jason Raad Jason Raad Apocalypse (as per 2020) 2nd Bergvliet
2021 (not held) N/A N/A N/A Event not held Event not held
2020 (not held) Angela Lee-Wright Craig Burchell-Burger Apocalypse Event cancelled Event cancelled
2019 Angela Lee-Wright David Roux Roald Dahl Kon-Tiki 2019 Badge 1st Durbanville 1st Bergvliet
2018 Alister Raine Charles Prince Vikings Kon-Tiki 2018 Badge 1st Bergvliet 1st Bergvliet
2017 N/A Robbie Owen Local is Lekker Kon-Tiki 2017 Badge 1st Bergvliet 1st Bergvliet
2016 N/A Robbie Owen Star Wars Kon-Tiki 2016 Badge 1st Bergvliet 1st Monte Vista
2015 N/A Robbie Owen The Musical Kon-Tiki 2015 Badge - Musical Theme 2nd Bergvliet 2nd Bergvliet
2014 N/A Robbie Owen Laboratory 1st Bergvliet 1st Bergvliet

Eastern Cape

Kon-tiki Eastern Cape is an annual event and is split into a Raft Competition, a Fringe Competition (land sports) and a Cub Competition. For the first time in 2024, the Meerkats have been included into the event. It is held at the different locations.

Year Location Theme Badge
2024 East London Heroes vs. Villains
2023 Port Elizabeth Speed