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A bend is any knot used to join two lengths of rope.

The most well-known lashing in Scouting is the Square lashing.

List of lashings

Lashing Description Image
Diagonal lashing A lashing used to bind the spars of diagonal X-braces, particularly where the spars do not touch and need to be pulled together.
Figure of Eight Lashing or tripod lashing A lashing used to join three spars to form a tripod.
Filipino Diagonal Lashing An alternative to the Diagonal lashing that is faster to tie.
Japanese Mark 1 Square Lashing The Japanese Square Lashings are regarded as superior to the Square lashing as they do not require a starting hitch, and can be more easily hand tightened without a frapping mallet. The Mark 1 is quicker to tie, but harder to tighten at the wrapping stage than the Mark 2.
Japanese Mark 2 Square Lashing Similar to the Mark 1, the Japanese Mark 2 does not being with a hitch. Slower to tie, but easier to hand-tighten at the wrapping stage.
Japanese Mark 3 Square Lashing The same as the Mark 2, but this lashing begins with a clove hitch to prevent the lashing from sliding down.
Round lashing A lashing commonly used to join two spars together to extend their length. Usually, two round lashings are used at a join for added stability.
Shear lashing A lashing used when two spars need to be opened to form shear legs, such as the apex of an A-frame.
Square lashing A common lashing used to join two spars at right angles.