Leadership Bar

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The Leadership Bar is the final stage of the Rover Advancement Programme focussing on the training of the Rover that an invested Rover will work on before completion of the BP Award. All the knowledge and experience gained from the previous advancement stages can be applied here.


  1. Understand the functions of a Rover Scouter, Chairperson and Crew Council, or attend a Rover Leadership Course.
  2. Serve as the Crew Chairperson for at least a year. In the situation where there is a large Crew, serve on the Crew Council. (A large Crew is defined as one where there might not be a possibility of being Crew Chairperson in the foreseeable future. This option must be endorsed by the RS or DC/SGL).
  3. During your tenure as Crew Chairperson (or having an active role in the Crew Council in the case of larger Crews), the Crew must attain a Bronze or better in the Star Crew Award system.
  4. Plan/Organise a Crew expedition, with the approval of the RS or Crew Council. The Expedition must extend over a minimum of 2 nights.
  5. Lead a discussion with the Crew on the status of the Crew. This discussion must be balanced and fair and should cover advancement of the Crew, projects undertaken, future projects or targets, etc. Prepare an action plan for the Crew based on the discussion above. Present these goals to your Crew Council and DC (In the case of Independent Crews)/SGL (In the case of Group Crews)
  6. Achieve either the Ramblers or Projects Award.