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Badge requirements

Patrol Activities
Patrol Activities
  1. Be a faithful member of your Patrol.
  2. Explain the Patrol System.
  3. Show a knowledge of your Patrol name.
  4. Take part in three meetings of the Patrol-in-Council.
  5. Take part in a Patrol Good Turn (Service).
  6. Complete FIVE of the following activities:
    1. Take part in an indoor Patrol Meeting.
    2. Take part in an outdoor Patrol Meeting.
    3. Take part in a joint Patrol activity other than at a Troop meeting (within your own Troop, or with a Patrol from another Troop or Guide Company).
    4. Take part in a Patrol exchange with another Troop or Guide Company.
    5. Take part in a short Patrol camp (for minimum of 2 nights).
    6. Take part in a Patrol expedition (over 1 weekend).
    7. Gain one advancement badge.
    8. Any other Patrol activity of a similar nature and level of achievement as agreed with the Court of Honour.
  7. Hold a Position of responsibility in your Patrol for at least one year (for example, Quartermaster or Scribe).

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