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A woggle is worn by all uniformed members of Scouts South Africa to tie the scarf around the neck. The standard style is a braided woggle which is made from three strands of leather with a press-stud at the back. Other styles of woggle exist, such as the Turk's head woggle (used for PLTU and Wood Badge scarfs) and special woggles for those representing South Africa internationally.

How to plait a three strand woggle

Source:Pro-Plan Chart 29

Source: Westend Scout Group - Palmerston North

  1. Start with your strip of leather flat, as in Step 1, then start to plait.
  2. Take the right hand strand (blue) over the centre strand (green) all the way to the left, then under the left strand (red) to finish as in Step 2.
  3. Holding the top in position, push the bottom completely up through Gap A. This will leave the strands twisted as in Step 3. This is OK.
  4. If you now push the bottom through Gap B, everything should come right as in Step 4.
  5. A bit of a twist and adjustment, and your woggle plait is complete. Add click-fasteners to the panels at each end, and you are ready to secure your scarf.

Braided woggle unbraided.jpg Braided woggle unfastened.jpg Braided woggle fastened.jpg


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