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In SSA, the scarf is fastened with a woggle at the neck.

  • The standard woggle is a braided leather woggle in black or brown.
  • Adults who have completed Stage 2 Warrant training in any branch are entitled to wear a 2-strand "Gilwell" leather Turk's head woggle.
  • Challenge awards or training activities or events may also entitle a member to wear a different woggle, and the participants will be informed of the option and when it may be worn.
  • The national woggle is a springbok skin woggle, worn by National Office holders and International Contingents from SSA. In the case of International Contingent members, this may only be worn for the duration of the event. The national woggle is worn with the “tail” facing up toward the chin. The national woggle is only worn in combination with the national scarf.

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