Rayner Trophy 1957 Report

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This year there were ten entries for the Competition. In view of the fact that the restriction on efficiency imposed last year was withdrawn, this is very disappointing. Theoretically, about a third or a half of our Scouts should be over 15, but in practice this is not so, and that so few Troops could raise a team of four "over 15's" shows our weakness in the upper age group. There were, of course, other reasons for not entering and it is suggested that each District Commissioner should check up on the particular reason for non-entry in every case - notice, that we say "reason" - not "excuse". The Troops entering teams were: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 10th Green & Sea Point, 1st Observatory, 2nd Rondebosch, 1st Parow, 1st Bellville and 1st Malmesbury. 4th Maitland also entered but withdrew.

The spirit throughout the competition was good. This was especially noticeable at the camp-fire. The standard of efficiency was not high. The winning team scored 81 out of 150, which is 54%. The main weakness revealed is lack of organisation, which in turn leads to waste of time. In the competition a lot of the work, particularly on the Saturday afternoon, was done in the Camp sites, and competitors fell behind the clock here. I give details to illustrate. At the station they were given orders to go to Gilcape, making some simple reports on the way. These had to be handed in before 1630. All competitors seemed to think this meant not before 1630 -- as all the reports were handed in just about that time. 1630 was given as a deadline - if each competitor had concentrated on his own section as instructed, these reports could have been in by 1600.

The next stage was that by 1830 the hike camp was to be laid out, supper served and one of the tents had to be elevated at least 3' above ground (although provision was made for this latter job to be finished off later). In most camps by 1830, there was utter chaos, no supper and everybody battling with the "tent in the tree". Surely the leader should have organised along these lines - 2 members on to the "tree tent", 2 members fix up the campsite (half an hour at the most). When the site was shipshape one of these two could get on with the supper, while the other one assisted him or the "tent" builders as need arose. Unfortunately, it doesn't work out that way. Too often, everybody must do everything. If a couple of trees must be chopped down for gadgets, all four members of the team go to do it. Then they all get on to the next job. Round about supper time they all drop everything else and start doing something about the cooking. In making these remarks, I am not being over critical. I am trying to indicate to Scouters where they can give valuable training. The great opportunity for this comes, of course, during the Annual camp.

The result was very close - only two and a half marks separating the first four teams, namely: -

  1. 2nd Rondebosch 81 out of 150
  2. 2nd Green & Sea Point 80 out of 150
  3. 1st Green & Sea Point 79 ½ out of 150
  4. 1st Observatory 78 ½ out of 150

Congratulations to the winners~ and many thanks to the Assistant Judges and to the Judges cooks.

Chief Judge: F.O. Quinn