Rayner Trophy 1965 Report

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Route: Muizenberg and the Kalk Bay Caves

The Rayner Trophy competition for 1965 was run on the 27th and 28th of February.

Eighteen Teams entered but only fourteen started, the decrease being due to the fact that two teams did not turn up, one sent an apology and another was disqualified being under age.

Of the fourteen teams who started, one abandoned the competition. These boys caused much concern to the Judges as their whereabouts could not be traced until the following afternoon.

The Starting point was Muizenberg Station where the teams met between 2.30 and 3.00 p.m. They then had to make their way to Boomslang Cave, which they had to pass through making a map of the area as they did so.

Thereafter their route took them over the Kalk Bay mountains to the Waterfall. Here a nature recognition test was held. They then continued to the camp site on the Silvermine Plateau.

The following morning the competitors undertook the next item on the competition agenda, having to measure the distance between two trigonometrical stations one and a half miles apart; they were also called upon to render First Aid to one of the Team members who had "fallen" from a cliff.

After lunch, which was marked, the teams hiked down to the Westlake Forest Station for the presentations which took place at 4.30.p.m.

Weather conditions remained fair throughout the duration of the competition.

Here is a brief report on the Tests;

The majority of the teams were on the right track regarding the sketching of the Cave map, but others exhibited their artistic flair, which was not the aim of this particular test. Four teams got into difficulties in the cave, and the confusion which followed resulted in no one notifying the Judges who were at the entrance to the cave. So unfortunately, there was a two-hour loss incurred by the teams.

The Nature test at the Waterfall consisted of recognition of mountain vegetation and this was well done.

In spite of hints given during preliminary instructions for the Distance measurement event, most teams remained baffled, but after being put on to the right track, some teams delivered good results and one entry was outstanding.

The First Aid Test emphasised the entire approach to the problem, not merely the technical details. This aim did not register with some entrants and they chalked up losses for not washing their hands before attending to the patient, not sheltering his face from the sun - and not asking if he was able to help himself.

The enterprising spirit ebbed low when the lunch was prepared. This test consisted of having to prepare the meal from preserved foods at the cost of 40c per head.

The Competition Results were:
1st 1st Meadowridge.
2nd 4th Rondebosch.
3rd 2nd Pinelands.
4th 1st Green and Sea Point

Chief Judge: Michael Hall