Rayner Trophy 1975 Report

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Route: Nuweberg Forestry Station and the Riviersonderend Kloof

This year's competition for the Rayner Trophy for Senior Scouts was held on the weekend 8/9 March.

Route and theme.
Patrols assembled at the Nuweberg Forest Station (off the road from Grabouw to Villiersdorp, just before Viljoen's Pass). After orienteering, they hiked with full kit the 7 km distance over the hills and down into Dwarskloof, at the foot of the imposing Dwarsberg, where they camped on the banks of the Riviersonderend. There were short tests along the way, and at the campsite after dark. Cooking (on gas stoves, and to a set recipe) was also judged. Compulsory 'lights out' was 10.30 p.m.

Patrols had been told that they were multi-disciplinary teams (engineers, surveyors, and ecologists) sent by the Secretary for Water Affairs to investigate the potential of the river valley. for water storage. Accordingly, on the Sunday, all the tests conformed to this scheme. Patrols rose before 5 a.m. on Sunday. After campsite inspection, they set out to cover the 14 km of difficult hiking country between them and the finish. To anticipate the story a little, the first patrols arrived at the weir at 2 p.m., and the last at 6 p m.

Two hours from camp, (hiking along the forestry path all the way) the 1 km long tributary kloof was reached. In this short stretch there were four places where patrols had to swim long pools in order to progress down the kloof - also there were two jumps (one of them four metres into a deep pool) and two short stretches or rock descent using a rope. (N.B. Patrols had been warned to pack equipment in large plastic bags within their rucsacs to ensure buoyancy.)

Once back into the main Riviersonderendkloof, the swims were individually longer (up to thirty metres) but further apart. At each of the bigger pools there were tests - to give just one, example, a 'construction worker' had fallen and bashed his· head - he had to be treated and then floated down the river on a stretcher which most teams made of rucsacs lashed together.

Patrols emerged from the kloof at the weir and made their way, via more tests in the forest, to the finish. Here the trophy was presented (appropriately enough in view of the theme) by our Divisional President, Mr. Clifford Harris.

The large staff of judges fulfilled their duties most. capably (with one or two exceptions), despite the fact that half of them had no previous experience. In descending order of the responsibility, they carried, they were: -

1.Those responsible for placing other judges, as well as their own judging duties - Fred Harris, Dave Lawson, Paul Marsh and Richard Sharland.

2.Those in charge of tests - Buzz Macey, Allan Brock, Walter Marcus, Dudley Allin, Denzil Roberts, Ron Casserley, John Logan, Colin Inglis, Norman Osburn, Ralph Roseman, Alan Hutton, Ian Appleton, Dave Privett and Frank Flowers.

3.Other judges - Jack Pitter, Jock Russell, Sam Smith, Trevor van Rensburg, Morgan Behr, Les Fenner, Roy Jacobs, Dmitri Kakiades, Nick Boydell, Eric Schaug, Dave Thompson Hark and Colin Jacobs, Jock Falconer, Jerry Wilding and Clive Baker.

Of the 34 names mentioned above, ten are not warranted Scouters (some of them are former Scouters.)

My especial thanks are due to: - Richard Sharland, Alan Hutton and in particular Dave Lawson, Fred Harris and Paul Marsh for exploring the route with me at different times. Richard Sharland and Fred Harris for using initiative on Sunday morning to anticipate .and prevent a potentially very awkward situation when the first two patrols arrived in the main kloof well ahead of the time expected. Ralph Roseman the Recorder. Alan Shinton and John Logan and their staffs for secretarial duties.


1. 3rd. Pinelands "A"· 173 marks 69.2%
2. 1st. Pinelands "A" 172 marks 69
3. 1st. Somerset West 163 marks 65.4
4. 2nd.Rondebosch 159 marks 63.6
5. 1st. Green & Sea Point 153 marks 61.4
6. 2nd. Pinelands 141 marks 56.4
7. 1st Kenilworth 136 marks 54.4
8. 1st Durbanville 127 marks 51.0
9. 1st. Muizenberg 124 marks 49.6
10. 1st. Parow 114 marks 45.6
11. 2nd. Somerset West 110 marks 44.2
12. 1st Milnerton 109 marks 43 6
13. 2nd. Plumstead 101 marks 40.6
14. 1st. Strand 93 marks 37.4
15. 3rd. Pinelands "B" 88 marks 35.2

Twenty-six patrols took part. The last one scored 52 Marks (21.0%)

Chief Judge: Kevin Wall