Rover Civics Award

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The Civics Award is one of the Rover Proficiency Awards that a Rover can earn. The requirements are as follows: Show by means of a talk, or by taking part in a discussion before an audience consisting of the members of your Crew, that you have made a close study of some social or civic question of current interest.

You should show that in preparing your paper you have made use of newspapers and literature of varying shades of opinion and have visited places related to your subject, e.g. town councils, parliament, Courts of Law, farms, eroded and re-established areas, etc.

The following list suggests some of the subjects that you might choose:

  • soil conservation,
  • agricultural reform,
  • road safety,
  • problems of urbanised communities,
  • different communities in South Africa,
  • penal reform,
  • the power/freedom of the press,
  • the responsibilities of marriage,
  • the upbringing and education of children,
  • health services,
  • career selection,
  • employer/employee relationships,
  • establishing a home,
  • drug abuse,
  • etc.

The talk should be illustrated by photographs, newspaper cuttings etc.