Rover Emergency Service Award

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The Emergency Service Award is one of the Rover Proficiency Awards that a Rover can earn.

The intention of this award is to demonstrate your ability to be of ervice to the community in times of disaster. You may complete the requirements in any recognised emergency service discipline e.g fire fighting, first aid, water rescue, mountain rescue, hazardous material handling, security, disaster communications or disaster management.

With the prior approval of your Crew Council and/or RS:

  1. Emergency services in your community: Identify the emergency services, provincial, municipal, private or otherwise, available in your community (at a local, municipal or sub-district level), and explain to your crew how to communicate with these services.
  2. Training for emergency service: Undergo training for your discipline to a level that will allow you to be of use in a practical emergency situation, and demonstrate your competence by taking part in a simulated exercise or active service. The level of competence is to be agreed with the crew but level III First Aid is suggested as the minimum.
  3. Service: Complete 200 hours' service in your chosen discipline over at least six months, and report your progress back to your crew.

Rovers entering the emergency services as a profession, who wish to earn the Careers award as well as the Emergency Service award, are encouraged to agree some additional requirements with their crew for the Emergency Service Award, or alternatively, select a second discipline for the purposes of earning this award.