Rover Entrepreneurship Award

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The Entrepreneurship Award is one of the Rover Proficiency Awards that a Rover can earn. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Explain to your RS of Crew Council how entrepreneurship contributes to employment and economic growth in South Africa.
  2. Develop a Business Plan and Pitch Presentation for a Business Concept covering at least the following:
    • Product or Service
    • Market Analysis
    • Personnel
    • Promotion and Marketing
    Your Business Plan should include anticipated
    • Funding decisions
    • Investing decisions
    • Operational decisions
    • Distribution decisions
  3. Implement your Business Plan for a minimum of 6 months and thereafter provide feedback to your RS or Crew Council on the following:
    • Your Lessons Learned - what went as planned and what did not in your plan.
    • What, if you were to do it again, you would do differently?
    • What could have allowed it to grow more jobs?
    • Where do you plan to take the company/business from here?