Rover Project Award

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The Project Award is one of the Rover Proficiency Awards that a Rover can earn.

The requirements are as follows:

  1. Choose, plan and devote at least three months to a project. Keep a record of your activities. At least twice during the period report progress to the Rover Scout Leader and Crew; produce records supported by any charts, models, maps or exhibits which may be needed to elucidate the project. On these occasions you may seek advice or assistance from the Crew if you feel this is necessary.
    NOTE: a project may be defined as a self-imposed task demanding skill, application, and care. You may choose your own subject with the following limitations:
    1. The subject may not be connected with practical Scoutcraft and must differ materially from the subject chosen for the Civics Award. The subject should be chosen from such fields as art, literature, music, drama, science, world affairs, hobbies, handicrafts, cultural traditions, journalism, ecology, wildlife, etc.
    2. The subject chosen should have no bearing on your career.
    3. The subject chosen must be formally approved by the Rover Scout Leader and the Crew as suitable and worthwhile.
  2. When you are yourself satisfied that you have completed your selected project, you must demonstrate the result of your work to the Rover Scout Leader and Crew. The Rover Scout Leader and Crew, after seeking any necessary expert advice, will then decide if you have reached a satisfactory standard of attainment. If necessary, before being passed, you may be asked to do further work on any aspects which do not qualify.