Rover World Moot: 1939 Report

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Monzie, Scotland: 3rd World Rover Moot

Cloth Badge
Bronze Woggle

The only recognised international event held in Scotland was the 1939 Rover Moot held in Monzie (pronounced Mon – ee) in Perthshire.

Monzie was special. The first large scale international gathering in Scotland where 3500 Scouts from 42 countries came together on the eve of the second war to celebrate Scouting.

Groups attending had to provide details on their port of entry and were directed to find their way to Crieff by rail where they would be bussed to site. Scottish Rovers served as guides, security and 'uncles' for the duration. The camp fee was £4 which covered all train travel within the UK to Crieff and food, firewood and some excursions

Hundreds of Scottish Rover Scouts turned up the week before camp to set things up – the weather was reasonably fair. The campsite was adjacent to Monzie Castle in Perthshire

South Africans at the Moot
Gateway to South African Camp

After a good start the weather closed in with some heavy and prolonged rain – this must have been interesting for Rovers from Iraq and Egypt…

The focus at Monzie was on international friendship ahead of what must have been increasingly apparent to these young men was looming on the horizon. At the end of the camp the entire camp re-located to Edinburgh for three days of activity.

A huge reception and display was held at Murrayfield following a march past of the 42 participant countries down Princes Street.

At the conclusion of the Moot the International Conference was held – one of the first BP did not attend.

A limited number of products were made available – a curved scout stave badge, a small enamel badge, a fabric uniform badge, a pennant and a woggle were available, as well as a participant booklet (including site map) and a souvenir book post event.

Twenty one different hikes were included from which the Rovers could select and the Moot included a visit to Edinburgh.

Countries represented included Armenia, Siam, Trinidad, USA, Indo-China and India.

Scottish HQ fortunately retains some wonderful materials from the Moot , the Thumbstick badge and bronze woggle

The Scottish media made a great deal of the event with the Scotsman covering it extensively.

A great event.

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