Rover World Moot: 1992 Report

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Kandersteg, Switzerland: 9th World Rover Moot

27 July to 6 August

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The International Scout Centre in Kandersteg in its beautiful setting surrounded by the magnificent Swiss Alps has a closer affiliation with Rovering than anywhere else, as this was the venue for the 1st Rover Moot held in 1931.

Rovering has survived 61 years and in the wonderful spirit of the 9th World Moot will be here to support Scouting into the 21st century.

The opening ceremony was under the motto 'COLOURS OF LIFE' to welcome the 1407 participants from 51 countries. The ceremony was both spectacular and inspiring and when the flags of each country present was raised, it was a proud moment for South African Rovering to see our flag there with the other 50 countries.

The Moot was officially opened by the Chief Commissioner Dr Rolf Steiner, and the proceedings ended with the singing of the Moot song, exchanging our National Scarf for the colourful Moot scarf and the arrival of 6 parachutists using Moot coloured parachutes.

Tuesday the 28 July from 6.30am, groups started leaving camp to commence their 4½ day adventurous and interesting activities of which there was a choice of 80. Paul Albrecht chose the 'Swiss Adventure' which included travelling by horse carriages, boat, train and lots of foot slogging up the Alps. Victor Stevens went 'River rafting on the River Aare' - this included building the raft and navigating it on the River Aare plus spending a couple of nights in an Alpine mountain hut. Jacqueline Vincent went on 'A few Colours of Switzerland' which included visits to a Chocolate factory, dairy farm, a visit to an old town, Swiss evening with yodelling, a fondue with Swiss Guides and Scouts and water sports on Lake Constance. I attended the 5th World Youth Forum in the village Kandersteg, the main topics being Co-education and Youth participation.

All groups returned to Camp for the Midway ceremony of 'Colours of Continents' on 1 August, the Swiss National Day, and during the day each contingent had the opportunity to display posters, brochures and information about their country. In the evening the villagers of Kandersteg headed by a brass band and carrying paper lanterns and candles arrived in camp to celebrate with us their National day. We enjoyed music from 5 different bands, singing by the local mens choir and a fireworks display, ending with fires being lit on the Alps surrounding Kandersteg.

During the last 6 days of the Moot one could participate in any of the 63 guided and unguided tours to interesting places in Switzerland; with the efficient rail service and use of our free travel pass, each day was a new experience and I personally realised my life's desire to stand below the famous Matterhorn and Jungfrau Peaks.

Betty Clay, daughter of BP, visited the Moot on the Swiss National Day and spent the full day visiting all the National displays. Each evening at 6pm, contingent leaders met with the camp staff to discuss events, and these meetings would end with a map tour of Switzerland stopping at a town or village to be treated with the local speciality foods - a wonderful idea to end the meetings.

Eventually, the closing ceremony with its theme of 'Colours of Friendship' brought the Moot to an end and we had to say goodbye to new found friends. Those who have had the privilege of attend-ing a World get-together will understand the feelings and memories that will live on for always. We spent 2 days after the Moot on a visit to Zurich where we stayed with Paul Albrecht's grandmother.

Ed 'Beaver' ROSE
SA Contingent Leader

Scout Heritage 2018

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