Searchlight (Game)

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Outdoor/Wide game
Moderately quiet


The Scouts must stalk past the searchlight operator to the other end of the playing area without being seen by the searchlight operator.


This game is best played in a large open area with some trees or bushes for cover.

The scouts start at one end of the playing area, one player, holding a Searchlight stands in the centre.

The Searchlight operator stands with his back to the scouts. Every five seconds, the light is used to scan the area for three seconds. Any moving scouts caught by the searchlight beam return to the starting end. Stationary scouts remain where they are.
The first person to successfully move past the 'flasher' becomes the light for the next round.


'The player with the light keeps it on, and continuously scans the area. Stalkers dress in dark clothes.

This game differs from another stalking game: Stalk-the-lantern in that movement is the trigger for spotting the scout.


  • Use of shadows to avoid detection.
  • It is more difficult to see a stationary stalker
  • Movement attracts attention.

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