Stalk-the-lantern (Game)

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Stalk-the-lantern (Game)

Game infobox
Outdoor/Wide game
Duration 20 - 30 minutes

Before playing this game explain to the scouts


The Scouts must stalk to the lantern without being seen by the defending scouts (or scouters).


This game is best played in a large open area with long grass, some trees or bushes for cover.

The scouts start at one end of the field, and two scouts with a torch sit in the centre of the field.

The two scouts guarding the lantern sit on a camp-chairs with the lantern on the ground beside the chair. If they hear movement or a noise they shine a light at the source of the noise Any scouts caught by the torch beam return to the starting point. Stationary scouts remain where they are.

The first scout to successfully touch the lantern is the guard of the lantern for the next round.

This game differs from another stalking game: Searchlight in that noise and detection is the trigger for spotting the scout.


  • Move quietly and freeze
  • Break your outline
  • Use shadows to avoid detection.
  • Progression of stalking
  • It is more difficult to see a stationary stalker
  • Movement attracts attention.

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