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A Six is a group of approximately 6 Cubs who form a team within the Cub Pack. Usually a Cub Pack has between 3 and 6 Sixes. In Scouts South Africa, Sixes are named by colour: Red Six, Black Six, Tawny Six etc. The Six is similar to the Burrow in Meerkats or the Patrol for Scouts.

Each Six is led by a Sixer, appointed by the Pack Scouter. The Sixer wears two yellow stripes on their left shirt pocket. The Sixer's duty is to set a good example to the other Cubs in the Six. The Sixers from the Pack meet regularly with the Pack Scouter in the Sixers Council.

Each Six also has a Second, appointed by the Pack Scouter, as a deputy to the Sixer. The Second wears one stripe.

The Pack Scouter can also appoint a Senior Sixer, who wears three yellow stripes on their left pocket.

The role of the Sixer

Sixers have a definite role to play in the operation of the Pack. Their first duty is to set a good example, in neatness, being on time, reliability, honesty and fair play - all of which are within their own capabilities as an older Cub. The Sixer can prepare the Cubs in their Six before inspection, or take on tasks like recording attendance. The Sixer must also help younger Cubs during Cub activities, and can sometimes help younger Cubs with some of their Advancement requirements, under the guidance of an adult. If there is a Six box, or a Six corner, the Sixer is responsible for keeping it tidy and presentable. When a new Cub is invested, the Sixer is responsible for bringing them up to be invested and for presenting their Six badge and welcoming them to the Six.

Sixers must be aware of the honour and the responsibility of leading their Six. This is reinforced by their participation with the Pack Scouter in the Sixers Council, which provides a forum for them to give input into the leadership of the Pack, allows them to receive leadership training from the Pack Scouter, and gives prestige to the Sixers in the eyes of the other Cubs in the Pack.

Duty Six

Each week a Duty Six is appointed, on a rotation system. The Duty Six is responsible for helping the Pack Scouter set up for the meeting, e.g. being responsible for setting out and clearing away the equipment for the Grand Howl, or sweeping and packing away after the meeting. The Duty Sixer plays a leading role during the Grand Howl, and is responsible for the flag: preparing the flag before the meeting, breaking the flag at the start of the meeting, lowering the flag at the end, and furling the flag and storing it after the meeting.