St George's Flag

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The St George's Flag is used during Rover Crew ceremonies as a reflection of St George, the patron saint of Scouting. The St George's Flag is also known as the Saint George's Cross or Cross of St George and is also commonly recognised as the flag of England.


Saint George's Cross is a red cross centred on a white background. It is most commonly used in a rectangular form as found on the flag of England, but the plain, centred version may be used on any background for ceremonial purposes, such as a shield.

Usage in Rovers

Although traditional, use of the St George's Cross in Rover ceremonies is not a requirement of Rovering in South Africa and Crews may choose to use an alternative symbol in their Ceremonies, such as the South African flag. Crews opting not to use the St Georges Cross are encouraged to find other ways of incorporating the symbolic message of chivalry and honour into their ceremonies.