St George Award

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The St George Award is a Challenge Award designed to test your ability in the areas of Skills, Service and Physical.


With the approval of your Crew Council and/or RS, plan, coordinate and lead a project in each of the three categories below:

  • Skills – this project should demonstrate a high level of capability in the chosen Scoutcraft skill, and/or train others in that skill.
  • Service – this project should take at least 30 hours to complete and should satisfy service to Self, Movement or Community.
  • Physical – this project should test one’s physical endurance and strength.

These projects are to be run independently and cannot double with another project for another Award or Rover Programme advancement requirement.

Skills Project

The Skills project will need to illustrate the Rover’s high proficiency in a Scoutcraft skill, e.g. pioneering, First Aid, mapping, backwoods skills, camping. The project could take the form of a construction, camp, adventure, or demonstration. The Rover will need to demonstrate their knowledge of and skill in the chosen Scoutcraft skill, and preferably share such knowledge or conduct training in the skill through the means of the project.

Service Project

The Service project should encompass a minimum of 30 hours to complete and must focus on one of the three elements of Rover Service: service to Self, Movement or Community.

Physical Project

The Physical project should be one that truly challenges the Rover and tests his/her endurance and strength. The project can take a myriad of forms and should ideally involve a training element to complete. For example, an overweight Rover could train for several months in order to compete in an adventure race.