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Copyrighted images

Hi editors! I'm noticing that here and there a number of images are being added to the Wiki that are actually copyrighted images pulled off various websites. Could a short section be added to this page outlining a few basic rules about the type of images that can be shared, and perhaps a short explanation of how to find and use images on Wikimedia Commons?

Good idea, Devon. Perhaps add a separate page completely which can be linked through from this page with a short intro. When uploading files using the single file upload, it forces you to state your copyright for the file. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that the bulk MSUpload does that. Copyright content with permission should be noted in the file itself, and if attribution is required, should be in the image caption (ideally) or in the references section of the page. The "this page contains Copyright information" notice was originally intended only for SSA copyright information, and would not be appropriate to include each time a copyright image is used with permission. I've had experience where contacting the website owner and requesting permission to reuse was easily granted, so we shouldn't be afraid to ask if there aren't any good alternatives.--RyanHultzer (talk) 08:11, 31 December 2019 (SAST)
Agreed that we shouldn't be afraid to ask for permission, and if we do, record the consent that was given on the wiki page for the image. But if we find a copyright image that was uploaded to the wiki without proper permission, we need to follow up, and delete it promptly if we don't get permission. ScoutWeb (talk) 22:21, 1 January 2020 (SAST)