The Blik

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The ‘Blik’ is an inter-crew challenge trophy contested by Rovers in the Gauteng. Any challenging crew wishing to earn the Blik contacts the crew who holds the trophy and challenges them to a choice of three competitive events, and the holding crew must accept one of these challenges. The crew who wins the challenge then becomes the holder. A crew may retain the trophy through a number of challenges if they are successful. The trophy is traditionally added to by the winner of each event with a memento from the challenge. Any activity that can be measured or scored in some way could be the basis for a Blik competition. Examples that have been parts of a challenge before include:

  • A soccer tournament
  • A catapult building contest
  • A quiz
  • Racing to build jigsaw puzzles
  • Card games eg. Poker, blackjack
  • An online scavenger hunt