Treating a simple cut or graze

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Silver Wolf - First Aid: Show how to treat a simple cut and graze

  • NEVER TOUCH a bleeding wound on anyone except yourself, unless you have your hand covered by plastic gloves or a plastic bag.
  • Remember to wash your hands before treating a graze or cut on yourself.
  • Rinse the wound under running water, if possible until clean. Let the injured person wash their own wound as they will know when it hurts.
  • If you have a first aid box handy dry the skin around the wound and cover it with an adhesive plaster such as Elastoplast or band aid. Otherwise simply cover the wound with a clean handkerchief and tie gently around the injured part, using a reef knot to the tie the ends.
  • Remember when removing your glove or plastic bag to take if off so that it is inside out. By doing so this leaves the blood inside the glove or bag.

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