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One of the most important life skills that a scout will learn is First Aid.

What is First Aid?

First Aid is the first help given to the victim of an accident. There are 3 aims:

  1. Stop life-threatening dangers
  2. Keep the victim safe from further harm
  3. Get proper medical help

Why should you know First Aid?

  • A Scout on a camp falls against a rock. He shouts out for help. His head is bleeding and his arm is bent at a strange angle.
  • Walking home from school, you hear a squeal of tyres and turn to see a car knock someone off her bicycle. She is lying still, unconscious, with blood spurting from her leg and she is not breathing.
  • A child complains that he is sick. You see a box of rat poison spilt on the floor and you think he might have eaten some.

See the First Aid page for more details.