Tutor Training Award

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The Tutor Training Award is one of the Rover Proficiency Awards that a Rover can earn. The requirements are as follows:

You are required to demonstrate knowledge of your skills acquired as a Rover. These skills will be put into practice during one of the selected courses below.

  1. Attend a Tutor Course for either adult leader training or scout training (IAL/Warrant/LDC/PLTC/PLTU)
  2. Tutor on at least one of the following courses: Warrant, Woodbadge, PLTC, PLTU.
  3. Upon approval from the Course Director present one interactive session that meets the objectives of the programme.
  4. Report back to the Crew Council or Rover Scouter on your experiences while tutoring others. Attention should be paid to the challenges faced, and lessons learned in regard to the leadership, motivation, and training of youth/adult leaders and what you feel you accomplished.