Voyager Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements


Note: This badge may be taken in either a pulling-boat, sailboat, or motorboat

  1. Have passed the Swimming Scoutcraft Badge or complete all the requirements for it.
  2. Hold the Water Activity Licence applicable to the type of craft chosen and the water.
  3. Plan and lead an expedition by boat of 24 hours' duration, sleeping out overnight on land or water. The distance travelled by boat must be at least 30 km. During the expedition carry out the following:
    1. Display a knowledge of local safety rules, adverse local weather conditions, "Rules of the Road", Beaufort wind and sea scales and aids to navigation. Explain what to do in case of an emergency, who the relevant authorities are and how to contact them.
    2. Tow another craft to safety; rig from normal equipment in your boat a jury rudder and steer over a set course with at least three direction changes.
  4. On completion of the expedition produce a log of the trip. The log must include:
    1. Large scale (1:10 000) charts of the complete trip. The charts must show landmarks, soundings, underwater hazards, aids to navigation etc. (where electronic charts / GPS device used, the track must be accessible to the examiner)
    2. Small scale chart (1:500) of overnight spot
    3. Illustrations.
    4. Crew duties.
    5. Activities undertaken during the trip.
    6. Stores, equipment, and kit lists.
    7. Weather, wind, and sea state
  5. Explain overnight procedures and the equipment required.

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